Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl

Dr. Claudia Aichinger

About me

Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl

“I really enjoy working intensively with children, young people and adults. Orthodontics never gets boring because there is constant development. With increasing experience, we can always achieve better results. The job of an orthodontist is the best I can imagine.”

The best possible treatment is a high priority for me. I consider it very important to keep up with new developments in research and technology. Continuous education therefore plays an important role in my professional life. I maintain a lively exchange with international specialists in the field of orthodontics, pass on my knowledge as a teacher and regularly give lectures at international congresses.



Qualifications of Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl

Academic Career

Study of medicine, University of Innsbruck
Specialist in dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine, University of Innsbruck
The Andrews Foundation for Orthodontic Education & Research, San Diego, USA, two-year specialist orthodontic training
Roth/Williams Center for Functional Occlusion, Burlingame, USA, two-year postgraduate orthodontic training

Member of renowned expert committees

Roth/Williams International Society of Orthodontists
European Orthodontic Society (certification in the European Board of Orthodontists since June 2010)
Association of Austrian Orthodontists (certification since August 2010)

Orthodontics Practice Dr. Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl

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