What orthodontics can achieve

Most people seek orthodontic care for a great smile.
Though an attractive smile is an important treatment goal, orthodontics is also about the long-term health of your chewing system.

Correcting your bite can help you prevent numerous long-term problems:

  • Straight teeth prevent caries and gum disease by making oral hygiene easier and more effective
  • Good function prevents gum disease
  • Good function reduces tooth wear
  • Ein verbesserter Lippenschluss vermindert die Anfälligkeit für Erkältungen und trägt zur Kariesprophylaxe bei.
  • An improved lip seal results in decreased susceptibility to colds and can also contribute to caries prophylaxis
  • Modification of tooth position and expansion of a narrow upper jaw may correct atypical swallowing patterns, tongue positioning and tongue function
  • Improved chewing aids the normalization of intestinal function

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