Treatment options

Full (comprehensive) treatment and limited treatment

I frequently prepare two or more treatment plans for a patient, and provide them with detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each individual plan. We work together to identify the best possible solution for them/their child.
In the case of comprehensive treatment I normally work with fixed appliances (braces). Braces can be either clear (ceramic) or stainless steel.

The ideal treatment plan (i.e. including achievement of an optimum bite) sometimes proves too elaborate in comparison with the potential benefit. In these cases I also develop a “streamlined solution” that still satisfies the patient’s requirements.
If your sole aim is to have an attractive smile, I may decide that the best way of fulfilling this wish is to simply correct the alignment of your teeth.
In this case I may recommend the use of removable braces (“aligners” – translucent plastic retainers) if they are sufficient for the achievement of the desired outcome.
If we opt for a limited treatment plan I will provide you with a special splint for the protection of your jaw joints, gums and teeth at the end of active tooth alignment treatment.

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