Orthodontic therapy

The position of your teeth can be corrected at any stage of your life – even if you are of an advanced age.

In the case of growing children it is possible to exert a certain level of influence on the growth of the jaws.

In some instances a two-phase treatment plan may be recommended in order to achieve the best possible result. The first phase occurs during mixed dentition with deciduous teeth still in place (approx. age range 9-10 years old, approx. treatment duration 12-18 months), whilst the second phase is carried out once all permanent teeth have erupted (generally from the age of 12 upwards, approx. treatment duration 24 months).

Removable appliances

“Night braces” are sometimes recommended in the case of growing children, for example in order to protect teeth from grinding, correct an overbite or maintain space further to the premature loss of a baby tooth.

Removable “aligners” (translucent plastic retainers) may be an option in the case of minor malocclusions in adult patients.

Fixed Appliances

In the case of more complicated tooth or jaw discrepancies I recommend fixed orthodontic treatment.


Brackets are small metal or ceramic parts glued to the teeth for the purposes of fixed orthodontic treatment. A specially formed wire  interacts with the brackets and moves the teeth into the desired position. Our office uses a self-ligating mechanism to attach the wire to the brackets.

Orthodontic devices apply gentle pressure in order to move teeth slowly into their correct position. Treatment is carried out in numerous steps, and it is therefore imperative that you keep to your regular check-up appointments for inspection and adjustments.

Ceramic brackets are transparent. Because the ceramic material used is harder than enamel, these brackets may cause wear to opposing teeth (e.g. as a result of grinding during sleep). We therefore only recommend ceramic brackets on upper teeth.

Headgear and elastics

Your treatment may involve wearing orthodontic elastics or – in the case of growing patients – wearing headgear. In order to ensure that headgear remains both safe and effective, please carefully follow the usage instructions given to you.

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